In case you had concerns previously, just note that you could diagnose these yourself. That should also place you in a better position to adjudge whether or not a charleston hemorrhoid removal procedure is imminent or necessary. The common symptom is always that you could be experiencing discomfort. This is common during your bowel movements. It is also possible should you be in a sitting position.

charleston hemorrhoid removal

Other symptoms include bleeding and itching. You could very well experience pain. This could be in the rectum. Again, it could occur in the sitting position. If there is no pain, there could very well be discomfort. This comes in the form of bleeding, itchiness and swelling, all of which is of course not nice. Discomfort could also be anal if you will. Again, the symptoms are bleeding, itchiness and swelling.

If none of these, the sufferer could be experiencing constipation. And has it not been the case that when you do experience constipation, you’ve been very quick off the mark to rush off the pharmacy store to seek out an over the counter remedy. Sometimes this remedy really works. But if it is hemorrhoids, these symptoms of constipation will simply remain dormant. They are bound to resurface.

And when they do, it could be a lot worse. You’ll notice too, of course, if there has been bleeding. This can be done by examining the stool left behind in the toilet bowl. But rare is it that anyone would wish to do so. It is not a pretty sight. But which would you rather prefer. Suffer in silence and let things get worse? Or get better and just move on with your life already? And you can do that by just visiting your doctor already.