Do you have something that is bothering you in your mouth, such as a sore or a potential cavity? Do you have an upcoming appointment with a dentist, or are you just curious about how dentists actually find problems in your mouth? Whatever your scenario might be, it can be handy for you to know how your dentist actually finds problems in your mouth to address.

Your dentist isn’t just poking around looking for potential problems. They have a whole host of methods they can use to catch problems in your mouth early, so that they can work to address them and fix the issue before it becomes something more serious. How do they do it?

Dental Methods For Finding Oral Health Issues

Like other kinds of medical professionals, dentists have their own array of tools and methodologies at their disposal to help them check on their patients and find potential oral health issues quickly so that can be addressed as early as possible. Here are a few of the methods dentists use to find issues in your mouth:

1. Bi-annual cleanings

It is highly recommended for patients to visit their dentist at least twice a year (every six months) for a dental cleaning. Not only does this help keep your teeth looking fantastic, but it is also a chance for your dentist to notice any potential problems before they can become bigger issues that need to be worried about.

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2. Dental health checkups

If you think you need a checkup because you suspect a problem, or would just like to get your dentist’s opinion on something, a dental checkup can be another easy way for a dentist to spot any oral health issues you might be having.

3. Dental x-rays

Just like hospitals use x-rays to identify broken bones and other issues in your body, a dentist uses dental x-rays to narrow in on a problem so they can come up with great ways to take care of it.

If you suspect you may have an oral health problem, get with your dentist as soon as possible so they can do a dental checkup or use dental x ray titusville equipment to find and eliminate any dental issue you could be having quickly.