There are a lot of insects, rodents and other pests that have a place in our world but just become annoyances when they enter our environment.  For most of us, the belief that if they stay in their area and we stay in ours, we can live harmoniously.  Unfortunately, there are situations where mosquito control services jennings is needed to get rid of these pests.

mosquito control services jennings

Humane traps

There are humane traps that can be used to capture these creatures.  How they work is that there is food that is placed in the back of the cage.  When we wait for the creatures to eat the food the trap will spring shut catching them inside.  Just make sure that when you have these traps that you don’t have any cats or other domesticated animals around, they will get caught up, trust me, I know.


The next way to deal with these creatures is with poison.  There are many levels of poisons but the ones you want to use are environmentally safe.  How these works is that they will have a substance that will break down the poison in the environment so that it doesn’t go into our water or ground. 

There are also other compounds in the poison that will kill the eggs of these insects.  When the eggs are killed off then new babies can’t be born killing the lifecycle.

Professional services

There are two types of services.  There is the do it yourself service which can be good for smaller jobs or to maintain a commercial treatment or you can use a commercial company that will come in and take care of it with their industrial strength potions.

When it comes to dealing with pests we all want to get along, however there are just times when this is just not possible.   

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